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ISSN 1563-3950
Founded in 1898
MS PSSS is an international peer-reviewed open access journal published two
times per year.

1. Bohdan Tkach. The features of the team-model of neuropsychological rehabilitation for affected anti-terrorist operation participants Download

2. Oksana Zayachkivska, Anna Musiol, Iryna Muzyka. Role of histamine in gastric secretion: From discovery to clinical application (A tribute Leon Popielski to 150-anniversary from his birth)

3. Olexandr SKLYAROV. Histamine in the stomach: past, present and future Download

4. Adriana Hural, Tetyana Rumynska, Roksolana Shykula, Olena Korniychuk. Effect of the probiotic biosporin on microbiota of the intestine of the healthy body in experiment Download

5. Andriy Bazylevych, Olha Tychkivska, Lyubov Yevtushok, Wladimir Wertelecki. Epidemic of Neural Tube Defects in Ukraine, or why children's death and disabilities are not prevented Download

6. Nataliya Sukhodolska. Lead and cadmium as risk factors for development of gestational complications Download

7. Zoriana Leont'eva. The calculation of adaptation potential, the evaluation of adaptation abilities of the body and the health level of students of lviv national medical university by danylo halytsky Download

8. Oleh Nadashkevych, Andrii Verhun, Bohdan Parashchuk. Relapse causes analysis and optimation of the results of ingrown toe nail surgical treatment: view of the problem Download

9. Volodymyr Monastyrskyi. Rejuvenation of a body: discovery leading to the drastic changes of gerontology opportunities (review of personal researches) Download

10. Alexander Kitsera, Lesya Mateshuk-Vatseba. Do Glyaser's fissure is truly Glyaser's fissure? Download

11. Lesya Mateshchuk-Vatseba, Oksana Zayachkivska. Simulation Training Center of Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University Download

12. Nadiya Kupynyak. Актуальність дослідження залежності ступеня енергізації мітохондрій від функціональної активності внутрішньоклітинних Са2+-транспортувальних систем . Download

13. Solomiya Fedevych, Vasyl Kovalyshyn. The hypothesis of anti-autophagy on an exampel of highly differentiated tumor cells of highly differentiated (G 1) clear cell renal cell carcinoma Download

14. Iryna Kovalchuk, Mechyslav Hrzehotsky. Effects of donor hydrogen sulfide NaHS on heart rate variability in experimental animals Download

15. Maryana Zvir, Adriana Belyak, Oksana Zayachkivska. Changes of autonomic neural control, distribution of functional disorders of uppergut and it's relation of saliva microcristalization in medical students Download

16. Maryana Savytska. Novel and safe target therapy in gastroenterology: focus on H4-receptors (review of literature) Download

17. Olha Bondarenko, Tetyna Maksymets, Dariya Kucyk, Mariya Sorochka. Insulin resistance indexes in patients with ischemic cardiac disease without diabetes mellitus during statine treatment Download

18. Yaroslav Pavlovskyj, Olena Gavryliuk, Oksana Grushka, Oksana Zayachkivska. Age properties comparative characteristics of stomach mucosa endothelial functions with the help of VCAM and IL-13 expression Download

19. Volodymyr Student, Oksana Zayachkivska. Порівняльна характеристика особливостей персональних технологій для реєстрації фізіологічних параметрів у гаджетах Download

20. Maryana Kondro. Bile acids cholate spectrum in a rat's bile with metabolic syndrome Download

21. Nataliya Sukhodolska. Assessment of lead and cadmium content in the blood of pregnant and non-pregnant women Download

22. Olha Bondarenko, Daria Kutsyk, Tetyna Maksymets, Mariya Sorochka, Vira Kozub. Influence of HbA1c on Nitric Oxide level in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus . . Download

23. Nazar Bula. Drug-induced esophagitis: new look on old problem Download


25. Review. Zoriana Masna. Download

26. Review. Ia.I. Tomashevskii Download

27. To the 60th anniversary of the birthday of the professor. Chopyak Valentina Volodymyrivna Download

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