Новий номер (том 49, #1 , 2017) Том XLIX


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  3. Zayachkivska O.Making sense for stress: from Hans Selye's animal study to the molecular physiology of stress and its physiological consequences on health and well-being (to 110-anniversary from birth of H.Selye)    Download       
  4. Fass R. The role of stress in gerd - what do we know?         Download
  5. Coenen A.{Effects of stress on behavior and sleep        Download
  6. Jaskiw G. The neuroscientific basis of evidence-based treatments for PTSD - a selective review    Download
  7. Dumych T., Yamakawa N., Sivignon A., Bernard J., Gouin S.G., Barnich N., Bilyy R., Bouckaert J. How pathogenic bacteria profit from your stress         Download
  8. Lonchyna V. A. The patient-physician relationship: it's how medicine should be 18            Download
  9. Akimova V., Lapovets L., Lutsiv N., Lapovets N.The level of tumour necrosis factor alpha in acute cholecystitis, acute appendicitis and abdominal tuberculosis depending on the type of adaptation reaction         Download
  10. Bezpalko L., Zayachkivska O. Impact of prenatal programming on brown adipose stress-related changes in adulthood     Download
  11. Borshchevska A., Kyryluk S. Stressfull factors of modern Ukrainian realities in the context of deficits of children and adolescents of the school population            Download
  12. Bula N., Pavlovsky Ya., Student V., Revenko O., Wallace J.L., Zayachkivska O.Translational aspects of place of hydrogen sulfide-releasing non-steroidal antiinflammatory drugs on the tomorrow's landscape for stress-associated disorders            Download
  13. Bulyk R.Ye., Burachyk A.I., Vlasova K.V., Yosypenko V.R. The condition of c-fos gene in the neurosecretory nuclei of the hypothalamus in rats stressed by light and the effects of melatonin and epithalon          Download  
  14. Chetaikina A.V., Sklyarov Ye.Ya.Helicobacter pylori seropositivity in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease          Download  
  15. Dzhura O, Yashchenko A., Smolkova O. Lectin receptors in structural components of parathyroid glands during the hyperplasia and neoplastic changes        Download    
  16. Dumych T.I., Paryzhak S.Y., Bilyy R.O Methods to detect stress response in blood phagocytes     Download
  17. Filz A., Vynnytska J. «Prostir radity» camp as an example of the treatment concept of secure transitional holding space and digression in case of PTSD and GAD        Download    
  18. Fomenko I., Sklyarova Yu., Denysenko N., Ilkiv I., Lesyk R. Action of hydrogen sulphide releasing 2-mercaptoacrylic acid-based derivative on nitric oxide metabolism and oxidative stress in small intestine of rats with medication-induced enteropathy            Download
  19. Korytko Z.I. Limit physical activity and stress: correction mechanism          Download  
  20. Kondro M. M., Berehova T. V., Ostapchenko L. I. Influence of high-energy diet on enzyme activity of main complexes of mitochondrial respiratory chain and activity of H+ATPase of mitochondrial inner membrane of rat hepatocytes    Download
  21. Kostyshyn N. Effect of whole-body vibration on bone remodeling           Download 
  22. Kravchenko S. Features of stress indicators in representatives of abnormal political participation    Download 
  23. Kunovskyy V., Barvinska A.,Bidiuk D. Emotional stress in patients with acute pancreatitis            Download
  24. Kvit K., Sklyarov E., Mbarki M., Sklyarova E. Leucotriene B4 and prostaglandin E2 levels in patients with NSAID-gastropathy after pantoprazole treatment            Download
  25. Kvit K., Sklyarov E., Bochar O. Method of diagnosis nonalcoholic fatty liver in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus       Download     
  26. Mokryk O., Danylyak O., Mokryk S. The screening of adaptational potential in patients with surgical stress        Download    
  27. Medynska Y. Emotional intelligence as resource of stress-resistance of personality            Download
  28. Nasadyuk C., Biletska  L., Sklyarov A. The effect of tripeptide T-34 on nitric oxide system and lipid peroxidation processes in stomach mucosa under conditions of water-restraint stress in rats            Download
  29. Pidvalna U., Mateshuk-Vatseba L., Kost A., Dzhura O. Narcotic analgesics: angiopathic eye changes in rats            Download
  30. Rakhimkulova A. Three factor model of adolescent risky behavior            Download
  31. Savytska M., Zvir M., Pohoretska Ya., Zayachkivska O. Circadian disfunction, as novel factor for stress-related functional gastrointestinal diseases of lifestyle        Download    
  32. Semchychyn M. G., Fitkalo  О. S. Post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers ATO            Download
  33. Sklyarov O., Ilnytskac Kh., Ilkiv I., Fomenko I. Combined effect of stress with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and irradiation on nitroso-oxidative processes in digestive organs            Download
  34. Stoika R. How the multifunctional nanocarrier makes the medicine «smart»"?            Download
  35. Tabas P., Vadzuk S. Sleep quality and anxiety level in students with high arterial blood pressure          Download  
  36. Tkach B.The peculiarities of therapy for posttraumatic disorder of veterans of anti-terrorist operation in Ukraine            Download
  37. Yuskiv Khr., Klymyshyn D., Kruglykova A. Overcoming psychological barriers in patients with rare genetic disorders        Download   
  38. Zayachkivska O., Belyak A. Saliva microcrystalisation as a predictor of stress resistibility and an approximate ovulation time            Download 
  39. Bondarenko O., Maksymets T., Sklyarov E. Liver function in patients with coronary artery disease and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease associated with obesity           Download 
  40. Bondarenko O., Sorochka M. Metformin therapy for patients with metabolic syndrom associated with chronic pancreatitis          Download 
  41. Ilkiv I.I., Lesyk R.B., Sklyarov O.Ya. Cytoprotective effect of novel 4-thiazolidinone derivatives against stress conditions in small intestine of rats            Download
  42. Stoika R. How the multifunctional nanocarrier makes the medicine «smart»?            Download
  43. Coenen A., Flik G. Effects of stress on behavior and sleep. Cortisol: a stress hormone and a wake hormone?            Download
  44. Bidyuk, D.M., Furtak, A.I., Motrynets N.P. Treatment of acute pancreatitis: progressing from a diagnosis of pancreatitis and its forms to its complications      Download      
  45. Nataliya Sukhodolska Comparative analysis of toxic (cadmium, lead) and trace (zinc, copper) elements content in women's blood during I trimester of uncomplicated and complicated course            Download
  46. Aleksander Om. Kitsera, Aleksander Al. Kitsera. Treatment of acute sensoryneural hearing disorders. Hyperbaric oxygenation or hypobaric hypoxia?         Download   
  47. Mychailo PLIATSKO Gastroesophageal reflux disease - is the modern treatment standaarts sufficient to solve the problem          Download  
  48. Olga Dzhura QUAM AD MAIOREM DEI GLORIAM or philosophic approaches of modern morphological science's development principles          Download 
  49. Roman Dutka Evaluation of definition «health» and    http://journals.medntsh.lviv.ua/sites/default/files/FullNumberFiles/49.p...      Download
  50. Софія Волинець Анатомічний корпус - шедевр архітектури та пантеон слави Львівської медицини (до 180-річчя з дня народження архітектора Йозефа    http://journals.medntsh.lviv.ua/sites/default/files/FullNumberFiles/50.p...   Download
  51. Vadym Berezovsky, Iryna Litovka Сучасний стан проблеми кисневої недостатності:            Download
  52. Uliana Pidvalna AD COGITANDUM ET AGENDUM HOMO NATUS EST (on the occasion of prof. Lesya Mateshuk-Vatseba anniversary)            Download
  54. Oksana Zayachkivska Z. Masna, L. Mateshuk-Vatseba, Y. Kryvko. «Lviv Anatomical School. Pages of history»        Download    
  55. Yarema Tomashevsky О. Zayachkivska, L. Markin, А. Coenen, W. Walentowska, T. Smiechowska, H. Sobieszczanski. «Lviv epoxy Bekiv»            Download
  56. Cronicle of the first-half of 2017.            Download
  57. Oleksandra Grushynska, Marta Vasylyev. Sergiy Tomylin - the famous specialist in the field of social hygiene in Ukraine (dedicated to the anniversary of 140 years since birth)        Download     
  58. His Eminent Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar, Major Archibishop Emiritus of the Ukrainian Greek Catolic Church, passed away          Download 
  59. Aleksander Kitsera His Eminent Beatitude Liubomyr Huzar            Download
  60. AUTHOR GUIDELINES (Ukrainian) 145-150        Download    
  61. AUTHOR GUIDELINES (English) 151-153           Download